3rd Trimester Prenatal Appointments: What To Expect

You have made it through the 1st and 2nd trimester, and here you are approaching the finish line. Whew! Weeks 28 through 40 may seem like forever, but these are important weeks. Knowing what to expect during this time may ease any anxiety and help you get ready to greet your little one. With all that in mind, let’s look at 3rd trimester prenatal appointments so you know what to expect.

Woman at her prenatal appointment.

Expect Appointments Every 2 Weeks Until Week 38

At week 38 you will see your doctor every week for the last month. During this time OBGYN Associates of Akron will continue to weigh you and measure your stomach to be sure the baby is growing as expected. These visits may be quick but they are important.

Expect your blood pressure to be checked and maybe a urine sample to screen for protein, sugar, or any possible infections. Your doctor will listen to the baby’s heartbeat and measure the fundal height. That is the distance between your pubic bone and the top of the uterus. It should coincide with the baby’s weeks. If you are at week 34, the fundal height should be approximately 34 centimeters.

You might need another ultrasound if the baby is too small or too big.

Expect These Tests

At 36 or 37 weeks expect to be tested for an infection known as Group B strep. If found, you will get intravenous antibiotics during labor to prevent passing it to the baby.

If you have gestational diabetes, OBGYN Associates of Akron will continue to monitor your blood glucose levels.

Sometimes women in the 3rd trimester can develop preeclampsia or very high blood pressure. It may be necessary to have the baby earlier if that is the case and you are past 37 weeks.

Placenta previa occurs when the placenta is placed over the cervix either fully or partially. If that is the case, you will have an ultrasound to see if that has resolved. If not, a C section may be recommended.

Become Proactive

Ask OBGYN Associates of Akron about getting the vaccine for whooping cough or Pertussis.

Ask about a flu shot if you haven’t had one.

Write down all your last minute questions.

If you don’t already have a pediatrician for after the baby is born, ask for a recommendation.

Don’t be afraid to discuss anything on your mind.

Schedule an Appointment with OBGYN Associates of Akron

Contact OBGYN Associates of Akron at (330) 668-6545 if you have any last minute questions or concerns during your 3rd trimester.

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