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Five Health Questions To Ask On Mother’s Day

As a mom, you’re dedicated to knowing your child’s medical history to ensure they stay as healthy as possible. You probably even track what they eat, drink, and breathe, just to make sure you’re preventing every ailment you can. But, do you ever think about your own mother’s medical history and how it may affect both you and your children?

This Mother’s Day, take a step back and ask a few questions that can help gain valuable insight into your family’s health patterns for generations to come.

OBGYN health questions in Akron, OHTake Precaution Against Heart Disease

As the number one killer of women, heart disease is something that everyone should be aware of at all times. Ask your mother if anyone in your immediate family has experienced heart related issues prior to age 65. If so, take your blood pressure and cholesterol into consideration for both you and your family when going about your day. This can include planning healthy meals, checking blood pressure regularly, and exercising regularly.

Find Out Pregnancy Risk Factors

The way your mother carried you during her pregnancy can be a sign of what’s to come for your pregnancy, or your daughter’s in the future. If your mother experienced fertility issues prior to your conception, there is a high chance that you may experience those same issues. In addition, if your mother experienced issues like gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia, you may be at risk. Ask your mother how her pregnancy went to find out what you should ask your OBGYN.

Determine Bone Health by Height

As we age, it’s common to assume you are becoming shorter. However, if you are actually noticing a decrease in height, that could be a sign of poor bone health, or potentially osteoporosis. Ask your mom if she has seen her height consistently decrease with age. If it has, this is a sign for you to ensure that you have a nutritious, calcium-rich diet moving forward. In addition, avoid smoking and heavy drinking to keep bones strong.

Learn From Mom’s Menopause

Menopause isn’t always the easiest topic to discuss, but asking about your mother’s menopause can help you understand what you may go through in the future. If your mom is experiencing trouble sleeping, night sweats, and hot flashes, there are a few things that you may be able to adjust in your daily regimen to help. Some of these things include avoiding spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol, as well as starting a normal exercise routing.

Ask About Mental Illness Treatment in Akron, OH

While depression and illnesses such as bipolar disorder can be hereditary, that’s not always a necessary first assumption. Some changes in attitude can just be behavioral, and are often harmless. Ask your mother if your family has a history of mental illness. If so, monitor signs of said illness in both you and your children to take the correct precautionary measures.

Just as all women should at every other stage in life, your mom should be receiving regular annual or bi-annual checkups with her OBGYN and primary physician. Ask these questions to get a better idea of your familial health history, and contact OBGYN Associates of Akron at (330) 668-6545 for further questions.