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New Mother & Labor and Delivery Classes

Category: Pregnancy

Great Expectations

This group class is geared to new, expectant mothers and we’ll explain how our practice helps you through the first 2 trimesters of pregnancy. We’ll tell you what to expect in medical testing, foods to eat and avoid, and more. This informational class is open to first time mothers and their significant other to attend.

Labor and Delivery

This group class is best for mothers who have never been through the birthing experience. It’s instructional and includes how to know labor is beginning, what to do, what to expect at the hospital. It is led by a Labor and Delivery nurse at Akron General Hospital. Class date and times are as follows:


Both classes are located at 605 N. Cleveland Massillon Road.

They are short classes, with a break, to ask personal questions to the instructor.

Please call 330-668-6545 to schedule or email

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