Preservative Free Flu Shots Available

This flu season, it’s especially important for pregnant women to get a flu shot. At OBGYN Associates of Akron, we’re offering preservative free flu shots available now for women who are pregnant.

You can get your flu shot at your regular prenatal appointment at our Akron, or Cuyahoga Falls OBGYN offices.

Reasons to Get a Flu Shot While Pregnant

  • Getting the flu while pregnant can cause more severe illnesses and increase the risk of pregnancy complications
  • The flu shot is safe and important for women during any trimester of their pregnancy
  • The flu shot antibodies may be passed to your baby to provide him or her protection after they’re born
  • It takes about 2 weeks for your body to generate antibodies, so it’s important to get the flu shot early

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Learn more about the flu shot on the CDC’s website.

Learn more about the influenza vaccine during pregnancy.

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