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Understanding Postpartum Depression

Understanding Postpartum Depression
Most women experience postpartum depression after having a baby, and it is considered a normal part of early motherhood.
Postpartum depression, or PPD, is a serious condition that can occur in the first few months after childbirth. It’s often brought on by changes in hormone levels, but other issues can increase the chance of women getting postpartum including:

Having a history of depression
Poor support from your partner, friends or family
Increased amount of stress in your life
Having a sick or colicky baby  » Read more about: Understanding Postpartum Depression  »

Five Health Questions To Ask On Mother’s Day

As a mom, you’re dedicated to knowing your child’s medical history to ensure they stay as healthy as possible. You probably even track what they eat, drink, and breathe, just to make sure you’re preventing every ailment you can. But, do you ever think about your own mother’s medical history and how it may affect both you and your children?
This Mother’s Day, take a step back and ask a few questions that can help gain valuable insight into your family’s health patterns for generations to come.  » Read more about: Five Health Questions To Ask On Mother’s Day  »