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Managing Your Hot Flashes In The Summer

The heat is upon us and managing your hot flashes in the summer is no easy task. Unfortunately, wishing it was December won’t help for most, but fortunately there are multiple ways to minimize those insufferable hot flashes!

What Questions Should I Ask My Obstetrician About Genetic Testing?

What questions should you ask your obstetrician about genetic testing? The best approach depends on what you really want to know. Every parent-to-be wants to have a healthy beautiful baby, but of course there is always a chance your child will have some abnormality or disorder. The good news is there are prenatal screening tests

Understanding Postpartum Depression And How To Deal With It

Postpartum depression does not discriminate. You can develop it whether your pregnancy was easy or difficult. You can suffer from it if you are a first time mom or already have a child, married or unmarried, and it occurs in women of all ages, races, and education. Simply put, it can happen to any woman,

5 Things to Know About Robotic Surgery For Gynecologic Cancer

Medical technology continues to improve and innovate the way surgeons can perform surgery. Robotic surgery was approved by the FDA in 2005 and is a relatively new less-invasive technique, but different from both laparoscopic and open surgery. Before undergoing any kind of surgery for gynecologic cancer, discuss with OBGYN Associates of Akron these 5 things to

What is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist?

In order to graduate from an Ob/Gyn program in the U.S., doctors must first go through 4 years of medical school, then 4 years of residency (sometimes the first year of residency is also called the “internship”). During medical school there are three main licensure tests, and about a hundred smaller tests one must pass

4 Prenatal Vitamins You Need and How to Take Them

Whether you are planning to become pregnant or gifted with a surprise, taking prenatal vitamins will only benefit you and your baby. OBGYN Associates of Akron suggests these 4 prenatal vitamins you need in order to prepare your body for a healthy baby.

Incredible Benefits of Robotic Surgery to Know

OBGYN Associates of Akron offers several minimally invasive robotic surgery options, but it can be difficult to separate the true difference between all of these highly-technical terms as compared to traditional surgical methods. Read on to discover what makes robotic surgery such an incredible treatment for your medical condition!

New Mother & Labor and Delivery Classes

Labor and Delivery This group class is best for mothers who have never been through the birthing experience. It’s instructional and includes how to know labor is beginning, what to do, what to expect at the hospital. It is led by a Labor and Delivery nurse at Akron General Hospital. All classes will be held

Travel Warnings and Tips for Pregnant Women

If you decide to vacation, visit old friends, or must travel for work, pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from flying or driving to your destination. As long as you are having a normal pregnancy and you have gotten the OK from OBGYN Associates of Akron, travel is generally approved and safe, but there are some caveats.