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Five Health Questions To Ask On Mother’s Day

As a mom, you’re dedicated to knowing¬†your child’s medical history to ensure they stay as healthy as possible. You probably even track what they eat, drink, and breathe, just to make sure you’re preventing every ailment you can. But, do you ever think about your own mother’s medical history and how it may affect both […]

Preservative Free Flu Shots Available

This flu season, it’s especially important for pregnant women to get a flu shot.¬†At OBGYN Associates of Akron, we’re offering preservative free flu shots available now for women who are pregnant.

Group B Strep During Pregnancy

In an effort to raise awareness about Group B Streptococcus (GBS), July has been made Group B Strep awareness month. Read these frequently asked questions about GBS to stay informed during your pregnancy and help spread awareness in Akron.